New Studies: Sand Mines Place “Communities at Risk”

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October 8, 2014 “What new information do we have about the mines?” the Eau Claire reporter asked me. The reporter was referring to two sand mine studies recently released; one by a committee under the charge of the Trempealeau County Board and the other by the Boston Action Research group of the Civil Society Institute. Communities at Risk, ...

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Statement from the office of Senator Kathleen Vinehout on the passing of her father

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October 8, 2014 Senator Vinehout’s father, William Vinehout passed away early Wednesday morning, the 8th of October. Bill died peacefully at the home of Kelly Vinehout and Douglas Smith in Woodstock, Illinois. Bill was a medic in United States Air Force during the Korean War. His years of service and his veteran status colored his life. He ...

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WEDC: New Audit Raises More Questions

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October 1, 2014 “I’m really uncomfortable with all these questions,” Linda told me. We were discussing the most recent audit of the state’s job creation agency: Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC). WEDC is a quasi-private entity formed by the governor in 2011 in an attempt to boost job creation. It is run almost entirely with state tax ...

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31st Senate District Candidates to be Featured on WPR’s The West Side

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The 31st Senate District Candidates to be Featured on The West Side September 29 Candidates vying for the 31st Senate District seat will take part in an election forum on The West Side from Wisconsin Public Radio’s Ideas Network Monday, September 29 at 10 a.m. on 88.3 WHWC-FM/ Menomonie-Eau Claire and 88.7 WRFW-FM/ River Falls. Host ...

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Expanding Statewide Vouchers would Cost Taxpayers and Local Schools

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September 24, 2014 “Your information is always thorough, concise and very readable,” Carol wrote to me. “Today I heard that [Governor] Walker said he would lift the cap for vouchers if he wins re-election.  What would that do to our public schools?  The state budget?  I hope you will research this and publicize your opinion.” Whether to cut back or ...

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Let’s Pay the Bills First

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September 17, 2014  “I don’t want another cent from the state until you guys pay the bills,” the business-owner from Durand told me. “I am tired of hearing about tax cuts and deficits.” “I want all the bills paid: schools, roads, Medicaid, the tech colleges, the debt, all of them paid. Then talk to me about giving ...

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